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UPDF continues saving lives in Rwanda

1 min read Thousands of Patients thronged Bugesera Hospital

UPDF continue saving lives in Rwanda

Bugesera Hospital, RWANDA, 02 July 2019 - Thousands of patients thronged Bugesera hospital in appreciation of the services offered by medics from both the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF).


The one-week (28 June to 4th July 2019) free medical outreach camp are part of the activities to mark this year's EAC Partner States Armed Forces Civil-Military activities.

The camp registered various patients with both dental and eye problems, those in need of general surgery, and those with ear-nose and throat complications, among others.

According to the Mayor of Bugesera District, Mr. Richard Mutabazi, the medical exercise has drawn a well composed team of experts ready to reach the masses.

He expressed his profound gratitude to the high turn up of patients, saying that it is a special moment to see the military off the battle ground and offering medical services to the citizens.