DATE:  Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:44 am

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Emphasize Professionalism in Military Police

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Emphasize Professionalism in Military Police



Military Police soldiers have been urged to enhance Professionalism while executing their duties.

The remarks were made by the Chief of Training and Recruitment Brig Gen James Kinarwa on 11 Sept 2019 while passing out 142 Military Police Soldiers.

The passed out soldiers have been on a one month Public Order Management Course held at the Institute of Security and Intelligence Studies in Garuga - Entebbe.

Kinalwa advised Trainees to use the acquired Knowledge and Skills in making their work easy and efficient.

’ Unless you behave in a professional way, you are most likely to make mistakes. You need to use the knowledge acquired to handle provocations , ’ he said.

He urged the leadership of Military Police to maintain the spirit of training its soldiers since Military Police has got a wide range of tasks which require several training disciplines.

Brig Kinalwa thanked the Commandant Military Police, SFC, ISO and Police for their selfless support during the training and further pledged his full support to Military Police training programs.

The Commandant Military Police Brig Gen William Bainomugisha said that the training was aimed at sharpening soldiers on their day to day activities. ’ This training will help us in achieving our mission and supporting the Civil Police when called upon ’ Brig Bainomugisha added.

ACP Sam Omara, represented the Commandant Field Force Unit. In his remarks, he said that for the police to work together with Military Police is fulfilling the constitutional mandate of cooperating with other security forces in maintaining peace within in the Country.

The trainees were equipped with skills in Public Order Management, VIP protection, Motorcade drills, Humanitarian Law, Political Education among others.