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Security meeting in Naput with the Turkana

ABOVE:Brig Gen. Joseph Balikudembe talks to the Turkana in Naput

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Security meeting in Naput with the Turkana

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As part of the sentizisation to the Turkana community at the boarder of Kenya and Uganda on the ongoing disarmament operations in Karamoja,a meeting to resolve modalities to be observed by the Turkana while they are grazing their animals in Uganda has taken place.

This was alongside the establishment of gun reception centres in Rupa Subcounty Moroto District.

Various leaders consisting of the Division commander, Commandant Anti Sock Theft Unit (ASTU), the Regional police commander Mt moroto, Region Prison commander, LC V Moroto and officers from Turkana County Government were in attendance.

According to observations, most of the guns are entering into Uganda from Kenya were through the Turkana alliance with the mathenico.

They were reminded of the benefits and peace that will prevail without necessarily having a gun,which are a big source of insecurity.

The meeting was also to warn the Turkana community that the ongoing disarmament operations in karamoja will not leave them exceptional to the exercise and whoever is arrested with an illegal gun would be prosecuted in courts of law.

The team urged the Turkana community to hand over their guns to the government or else return back guns to Kenya.

ABOVE: Brig Gen. Joseph Balikudembe meeting in Naput with the Turkana

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