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UPDF Medical Team Treats Ngoma Residents

1 min read UPDF Medical Team Treats Ngoma Residents

UPDF Medical Team Treats Ngoma Residents

Nakaseke District, Ngoma Sub County , 01 February 2020 ››UPDF Medical Team Treats Ngoma Residents


The UPDF medical team has kicked off free treatment of the people of Ngoma sub county in Nakaseke district as one of the activities to celebrate the Army's 39th anniversary on the 6th February 2020 at Butalangu.

The UPDF Medics have carried out HIV testing and counseling, general checkups and treatment and giving out treated mosquito nets.

The medical team leader Capt Dr Isaac Tukesiga has said since its the first day the turn up is not yet as high but he is optimistic by the time they end the exercise then public will join.

Capt Dr Isaac Tukesiga said the major sickness observed is malaria and therefore the giving of mosquito nets is timely.

DR Isaac said the UPDF team has stocked enough drugs for the patients. He called upon all the people of Ngoma to come on the 6th February at Butalangu grounds and celebrate with UPDF on its 39th anniversary.

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